How To Make A Diaper Cake

Things you need:baby shower diaper cake

  • At least a 40 pack of newborn diapers ( I used 36 for a mid sized cake )
    Glue Gun
    1 spool of fabric ribbon 11/2" x 2.7 meters (approx.)
    1 spool 1/4" x 4.57 meters (approx.)
    1 spool 1/4" x 4.57 meters (approx.)
    1 pack of satin mini roses (14 min)
    1 bow for the top
    3 large elastics *optional 1 pack of small clear rubber elastics

Diaper cake instructions:

  1. Take a diaper, roll it tightly into a tube, wrap large elastic around it.(optional* wrap small rubber elastic around it before putting it in large elastic) Roll another diaper and put it in the same elastic. Repeat until you have a total of 19 rolls for the bottom layer.
  2. Repeat Step 1 But this layer is smaller with only 11 diapers for the middle layer.
  3. Repeat Step 1. But the layer is small than steps 1 and 2 with only 6 diapers.
  4. Take 1 spool of fabric ribbon 11/2 x 2.7 meters and wrap it around the first layer. Add 1 inch extra to the length and cut. Continue To do this for the next 2 layers.
  5. Take the cut ribbon wrap it snuggly around the layer. Take your glue gun and glue the overlapping ribbon on top. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this for the other 2 layers.
  6. Take the two spools of fabric ribbon (1/4 x 4.57 meters) and cut 10 inch pieces. You will need 14 piece of each ribbon. (28 in total)
  7. Take one of each color ribbon and put them together and tie an over hand bow.( *experiment with tie bows find a way that works best for you and make them all the same) Repeat this for all 14 bows.
  8. Take your largest layer and 6 bows arrange them evenly around the layer until you have a rough idea where you want to glue them.
  9. Take your glue gun and put a small dot on the back of a bow, apply it to the middle of the ribbon and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this for all 6 bows. Repeat on middle layer with 5 bows and 3 bows on the top layer.
  10. Pick a mini rose up from the front with a pair of tweezers. Take your glue gun and apply a dot on the back and stick it on the middle of the bow (on top of the knot) Repeat this until all 14 bows are done.
  11. Stick a pre made bow on top of the cake (try not to remove all the paper off the sticker, so it doesn't stick to the diapers too much) * You may also make a bow for the top with matching ribbon.
    Baby Shower Cake Pictures


Beautiful arrangements of useable baby products and diapers that resemble a cake. These were first made famous by the hit tv show "Sex In The City". Diaper Cakes are an original idea that are sure to be a hit at any baby shower. They are also quite easy to make.


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